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Created in the Image of God; Male and Female

Gender is an essential characteristic of individual mortal, pre-mortal, and eternal identity and purpose. In our pre-mortal life, we lived as male and female spirit children of God. When we were given the gift of life on this earth through birth, we received a mortal body with the same gender as our spiritual body. After we die and are resurrected, we will receive an immortal body of the same gender as our spiritual and physical body. Whatever gender we were born with on this earth, was the gender we were in the pre-mortal life as spirits, and it will be our gender for eternity after this life.

Today many are confused and are experiencing "gender dysphoria". Sadly it is a real struggle for some to identify as the gender they were born with, but this does not change the fact that we are either male or female, created in the image of Gods; our Heavenly Father and Mother. Though we can change our appearance through surgeries and hormone therapies to look and feel like the opposite gender, we cannot change the chromosomes that make us biologically male or female, or the gender of the spirit that resides in our bodies.

Years ago we had never heard of "gender dysphoria". Though I don't pretend to know all of the factors involved or the reasons for this confusion today, I believe that one of the biggest influencers is Satan and his followers. Because they do not want us to realize our divine destiny, they try to confuse us about our own identity. Because marriage between a man(male) and a woman(female), and creating life in that union is essential to God's eternal plan, the opposition tries to confuse us about our gender and they have influenced the change in the definition and purpose of marriage. They try to convince us that there is a multiplicity of genders and sexual options that are normal and good. Marriage between a man and a woman has been devalued and is happening less frequently as gay marriage or no marriage becomes the norm, resulting in less families created, fewer children being born, and less stability in our relationships and societies.

Another reason for gender confusion is Satan's influence in the radical feminist movement which seeks to undermine, devalue and emasculate men, while they champion women and influence them to be more masculine. As men and women become more like each other, they devalue their divinely created gender characteristics and the masculine and feminine roles that have played such an important role in our society.

Males are on average naturally larger and stronger, one track minded, and emotionally tougher than females. On the other hand, females tend to be more mature, civilized, multi-task minded and emotionally sensitive. Little boys generally love guns and swords and playing with trucks and exploring outdoors, while little girls generally love dressing up, playing with dolls and playing "house". Men and women are created distinctly different for a divine purpose. Neither gender or role is more important or valuable; they are both very different but equally vital. Men and women, mothers and fathers are complimentary companions that bring harmony, balance and wholeness to marriage, family, society and the world.

Traditionally men have provided for and protected their families, and women were primarily responsible for the nurturing of their children. These two critical family roles created well balanced children and a strong foundation for societies. But today more and more women play

the provider role, and more and more men play the nurturing role in the family, or no role at all. Though they may play the opposite gender roles well, and sometimes out of necessity, they create dissonance in the marriage relationship and destabilize the family. As women become the main breadwinners and more masculine, men and fathers lose their value to the family, their gender identity and their highest purpose; providing for the family so the mother can stay home and do her most important work; raising healthy and happy children.

This is the most important work that men and women will ever do on this earth. As we play our masculine and feminine roles as fathers and mothers, and as we bring God's children into this world to receive their bodies, male and female, we assist God in His work; bringing about the immortality and eternal life of His children. By embracing and valuing our God given genders and roles and committing to marriage with the opposite gender, we create strong families and influence and raise up the future leaders of this world. We learn to become like our heavenly parents as we learn to become parents on this earth. There is no greater power or influence than the eternal roles of father and mother!

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