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The Power to Create Life

The means by which mortal life is created is divinely appointed. Without a way to bring children into this world, God could not fulfill His work and His Glory; to bring to pass our immortality and eternal life with Him. God gave us, His children, the power of procreation; not for our pleasure, but for His will, to accomplish His work. When we seek to use that sacred, God-given power solely for our own pleasure; we work against Him and His plan, and we cause much pain and suffering in our own lives and in the lives that we create. We cause a disintegration of families, the foundation of our societies, that leads to the downfall of nations and eventually our entire civilization.

God gives us commandments that help us follow His plan to become like Him. He gave us the Law of Chastity; sexual relationships only between a man and a woman to whom we are legally and lawfully wedded. And He commanded us, "Thou shalt not commit adultery "; have sexual relationships with those we are not married to. He created these laws and gave us the true pattern of marriage to help us know the best and most effective circumstances to create and sustain life.

God commands that the sacred powers of procreation be employed only between a man and a woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife. God's purpose for marriage and sexual relationships is to create life in a family and in a home where a child can be safely nurtured, to learn and grow and become all that they were created to be. According to Mazlow, the most basic needs of any human being are physiological, safety, and love, or belonging. When we create life, it should only be within a family that is bound together within the bonds of matrimony between a man and a women. This provides the perfect setting for the birth of a child and the optimal support to meet their basic needs of food, shelter and security within a family that they belong to, who will love and care for them. This family organization and lifelong support is critical for raising healthy, happy and successful children, youth, and adults.

Additionally, when we seek to fulfill our sexual desires outside of marriage, we cause a multitude of emotional and spiritual problems (not to mention physical - sexually transmitted diseases) for ourselves, and those we use to satisfy our sexual needs, and the children that are often conceived through these uncommitted relationships. Studies show that those who live this lifestyle are more likely to divorce if they do marry, and they have a harder time creating a lasting emotional bond with their spouse when they choose to marry. Furthermore, studies show that children from fatherless homes are less stable and more susceptible to committing crimes than those who are raised in a home with a married father and mother. Additionally, they often follow in their parents footsteps by having premarital sexual relationships and divorcing if they do get married. The children created in these free sex, no commitment relationships are the real casualties in our society.

Another consequence of living an immoral life is the personal cost of disrespecting ourselves and those we engage in sexual activity with, resulting in feelings of unworthiness and shame. Thankfully, our God-given conscience is designed to help us follow God's Plan; it creates feelings of guilt to warn us and help us to repent or change. The most dangerous consequence of immorality is becoming spiritually weakened and more susceptible to Satan's temptations, buffetings and snares. When we sin, we cannot have God's spirit with us to guide, direct and protect us. We become vulnerable to spiritual opposition that seeks to ensnare us in selfdestructive habits and addictions. Since Satan and his followers do not have bodies and cannot create life, they tempt us to misuse our bodies and our power of procreation so we cannot return to our heavenly home, where no unclean thing can enter in. They try to make us forget who we truly are, and stop us from achieving our divine destiny and receiving our inheritance in God's kingdom.

Living our lives according to our own will and pleasure in sin only brings unhappiness and misery. It interferes with God's Plan for us, and prevents us from progressing to become like our Heavenly parents. On the other hand, living a life that is in alignment with God's Plan brings us great peace, happiness and joy; it allows us to progress and become all that we were created to be!

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