Our Divine Inheritance

April 11, 2018

Before we came to this earth, in our pre-mortal existence, God organized us into family units
with fathers, mothers and children according to our choice and agency. Additionally, we were
each given certain roles, stewardships, and special work or missions to fulfill on this earth. Our
family and children were and are our "heritage of the Lord", they are our divine inheritance from
God and the source of our greatest joy in this life and throughout eternity. There is nothing of
greater worth or importance than our family relationships. They are meant to last forever, and
are necessary in our quest for immortality and eternal life to become like God.


Families designed by God are the perfect organizations to provide all that is needed for each
member to grow and progress successfully. Husbands and wives are given the solemn
responsibility to love and care for each other and their children. Creating a loving environment
and strong relationships is critical to the success of families and individuals. As parents model
positive spousal relationships, they teach their children how to develop strong marriages. As
they love and care for their children, they model good parenting that will influence the way their
children will parent and raise their own families.

God also gave parents the sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness by
teaching them the gospel and to observe and keep the commandments of God; to walk in light
and truth and to model righteousness for them, like Jesus Christ did for all of us. They are to
teach their children kindness and civility; to love and serve God and their neighbors. Parents
should model and teach self-discipline, to be respectful, law-abiding citizens wherever they live.


Along with providing for children's spiritual and emotional needs, parents are also responsible to
provide for the physical needs of their children. All children need food, shelter, care, affection,
and education to grow and develop properly. They need to be taught to care for their bodies,
and be given the opportunity to educate their minds so they can live a productive and fulfilling
life and contribute to society, enabling them to fulfill their missions on this earth. As we care for
and educate our children, they will be seen as an asset, rather than a drain on our society.
Children are our most important investment and resource, since we depend on them to sustain
humanity and lead us into the future. It is through our influence in the lives of our children that
we have the greatest power to affect the world long after we die.

When we choose to live God's commandments and plan, a duplication cycle is created that
continues through generations and perpetuates success for our children and our society.
Strong families beget strong families, which are the foundation of our society, our nation and the
world. Choosing to become a parent is a big responsibility requiring great sacrifice. But if we
understand the blessings, growth and refinement we experience through parenthood, and the
precious inheritance that our children are to us and our society, we will embrace the roles of
mother and father. Creating children and families on earth is the perfect practice for us to
eventually become creators and heavenly parents ourselves. 


Because God's work and plan depends on a perpetuation of divinely designed families, we are
required to create families to become like God, for that is the work of God; giving life to His
offspring and teaching and training them to become as He is. The family is central to the 
Creator's plan for the destiny of His children. This is why husbands and wives - mothers and
fathers - will be held accountable before God for the discharge of these obligations. May we be
willing to help God accomplish His great work for and within each of us!

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